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Grammar Tips

In these exercises, final and consecutive sentences are mixed. When the sentence is negative, remember that a negative final sentence always begins with ne and a consectuive sentence never does.
"that no one": use ne quis in a final, ut nemo in a consecutive sentence.
"that no ...": use ne ullus in a final, ut nullius in a consecutive sentence.
"that never" : use ne unquam in a final, ut nunquam in a consecutive sentence.


one day: aliquando
mule: mulus, -i, m.
to burden (v): onero, -āvi, -ātum
a burden (n): onus, oneris, n.
compell, drive: cōgo, cōgere, coēgi, coactum
by chance: cāsu (abl. of cāsus)
admire, wonder at: mīror, -ātus (dep.)
longer: diutius
try: cōnor, -ātus (dep.)