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about, almost: fere
ask: petō, -ere, petīvī or petiī, petītus
auxiliaries: auxilia, -ōrum, n. (pl.)
delay: moror, 1
demand: flāgitō, 1
eight hundred: octingentī, -ae, -a
extend: pateō, -ēre, -uī
field: ager, agrī, m.
forest: silva, -ae, f.
hasten: contendō, -ere, -tendī, -tentum
help: auxilium, -ī, n.

Verbs of demanding more commonly take ā with the ablative, instead of the accusative of the person.
E.g.: tribūnātum ā Caesare petīvī (I asked a tribuneship of Caesar)
(But not flagitare for some reason?)

inform: certior facere
legion: legiō, -ōnis, f.
month: mēnsis, -is, m.
of (with verbs of asking): ā, ab + (abl.)
pace: passus, -ūs, m.
part: pars, partis, f.
remain: maneō, -ēre, mansī, mānsūrus
swamp: palus, palidis, f.
tarry: moror, 1
transport: transportō, 1
winter: hiems, hiemis, f.

To denote the duration of time for a small number of days or years, it is customary to use bīduum, trīduum, quadriduum or biennium, triennium, quadrennium.